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Hi, I’m Valentin

I am a young designer and 3D artist based in Paris and currently training within HETIC. I integrated this school in October 2015 in order to improve my UI and UX skills, but also to acquire strong management knowledge while continuing my freelance activity.

After obtaining a degree in Real Time 3D computer graphics (ESCIN), I started my 3D artist career in the video game industry : a 6-month internship at Ubisoft, in their studio in Pune, India. I discovered the video game production pipeline, I participated in the creation of assets for different games, and I was lucky to lead and train the Indian artists.
When I returned, I moved to Paris and started freelancing : I gained experience in the field of broadcast design by working with CISCO : design and animation of 3D user interfaces for television. I also worked on virtual reality or pre-calculated projects for different companies and start-up with which I was able to manage projects from scratch and establish efficient workflows while being responsible of the design, animation or even of experimenting with new technologies.

I spend a lot of time working on personal projects, I experiment a lot, and I take inspiration from everything I can, of social networks to meet-up. Creativity is the heart of my activities. I am very excited and very open, feel free to contact me for your projects, or simply to exchange over a cup of coffee !

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